English for Customer Service & Communication with Call Centre Training

Course Description

English for Customer Service & Communication

The core focus of the ‘English for Customer Service & Communication Course’ is to introduce you to the world of customer service in English from introducing yourself and the company, answering questions and providing information about a product or service purchased from the company to handling complaints and offering solutions. The course will help you to master interpersonal skills desired while dealing with challenging customer service situations and during negotiations. You will develop your ability to speak confidently and listen attentively. Finally, you will learn the essential tips, tricks and vocabulary for professional customer service and communication in both speaking and writing.

Call Centre Training

The core focus of the ‘Call Centre Training’ part is to prepare you well to handle a variety of situations professionally – from presenting yourself and the company on the phone, through rapport building, goal setting, staging the conversation, handling difficult matters to effective closing techniques. The course will help you gain confidence and improve your interpersonal communication skills when dealing with customers (even the angry ones!) on the phone, answering questions and overcoming obstacles smoothly. You will be equipped with the necessary tools to deliver high quality performance leading to utmost customer satisfaction. Finally, you will practise powerful techniques, acquire transferable skills and build your confidence necessary to communicate on the phone.

Provided by Direct English

Course code                    English for Customer Service & Communication with Call Centre Training                      

Entry level                       Intermediate B1

Course duration:            2 weeks

Total input:                     42 hours + extra activities

Course Syllabus   – Week 1

1. Key elements of customer service.

2. Greetings, introducing & presenting yourself appropriately.

3.Understanding & responding to customers’ needs.

4.How to talk with customers – prepare yourself for customer conversations.

5.Methods of communication.

6.English phrases and expressions for communication.

7.Tips, tricks & essential vocabulary for challenging customer service situations.

8. Making suggestions in English.

9. Offering alternative solutions in English.

10. English for negotiations and resolving conflicts.

11. Offering help and concluding the conversation.

12. Extra statements, phrases and courtesy words.

13. Good communication skills – essential life skills.

14. Receiving feedback for improvement.

Week 2

1.Phone etiquette – excellent customer service


3.‘Star’ speaking

4.Building rapport (with elements of NLP)

5.Statements, phrases and courtesy words

6.Types of questions

7. Goal setting

8. Key steps

9. Closing techniques

10. Evaluating results

Course objectives  

At the end of this course you will be able to:

* Define rules of proper customer service

* Develop essential vocabulary for customer service
* Use appropriate phrases, expressions in English for effective communication

* Improve your communication in speaking and writing
* Deal with challenging situations with ease
* Make suggestions and negotiate successfully in English
* Feel more confident to deliver excellent customer service
*Define rules of proper phone etiquette

* Understand call centre strategies
* Apply the right tools and techniques for rapport building

* Improve your speaking style to ‘star’ performance
* Create SMART goals
* Familiarise yourself with closing techniques for effective communication
* Feel more confident and prepared to handle phone calls