Start your journey to success with Direct English

They say the first step is the hardest. We’ve just made it easier. Direct English builds your confidence from day one and is the most effective language system for anyone wanting to learn English.

Direct English works around you, moving at your own pace and increasing your language skills every step of the way. It reflects the very latest thinking in language acquisition. When you enrol with us, you’ll use our highly interactive coursebooks, both in our training center and at home. This will be combined with a comprehensive program of personalised tutorials, conversation classes and even social activities.

The syllabus is designed for maximum communication, allowing you to confidently use English from the earliest stages of your studies, at the same time as systematically covering all the major elements of English grammar. We combine all our experience and understanding to reflect how language is learned naturally. We’ll introduce you to grammar and language points right from day one and encourage you to speak English from your very first class. Not classroom English, but language for real life situations.

Open a world of possibilities with Direct English

The Direct English program is based on a carefully worked out cyclical syllabus, with key areas of language introduced three times in each level. If you don’t grasp something right away, you can come back to it later. This develops huge confidence which we believe is the basis for all success.

The program also lets you find the learning style you like best. You’ll benefit from constant guidance and encouragement every step of the way, boosting your confidence and keeping you motivated so you’re bound to succeed. Simply put, we provide all the training, support and guidance you need to achieve the results you expect. Our high level of re-enrolment of over 60% is testimony to the fact that our learning system, materials and methodology really do work.