English for Engineers Course

Course Description

Entry levelIntermediate (B1)
Course duration2 weeks
Total input40 hours + extra activities
Maximum Class Size: 12
Course Start Dates: (Flexible) –  ( Full time or Part time Options)

The core focus of the ‘English for Engineers Course’ is to give you practical tools and strategies for improving your English, expanding your vocabulary for specific purposes, as well as enable you to focus on practicing effective interpersonal communication. You will build on the vocabulary and grammar used in the engineering world, which will give you the ability to talk about all aspects of your job with confidence. The course will help you to perfect techniques for writing emails, reports, and preparing and delivering presentations. You will develop your business communication skills and English language skills at the same time. At the same time, you will enhance your public speaking skills, understand your own personality traits, and learn how to communicate effectively in a team environment. This course intends to make your English skills as strong as your engineering skills, if not stronger!

Course syllabus

1. Smart Study Tips for Engineering English

2. English for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

3. Communication Skills for Engineers

4. English Communication Skills for Engineers

6. Interpersonal communication

7. Communication in English in the workplace.

Course objectives

At the end of the course you will:

*Expand your vocabulary and technical English

* Gain more understanding & practice of business communication skills

* Acquire transferable skills for effective communication

*Be better able to deliver presentations

*be more equipped in how to write emails and reports

*Develop strategies for polite communication

* Learn how to communicate with non-technical employees

*Feel more confident and more prepared to become a successful engineer in the English-speaking world.

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