• Programme Duration:    7 week (Tailor-made )
  • Tuition Duration:            15 hours per week
  • Maximum Class Size:     ( Average of 10 students per class (max of14)
  • Course Start Dates:        (flexible)
  • Entry: Anyone can join this programme, provided they are over the age of 18. There are no academic requirements, and no level restrictions.
  • Certification :   A Direct English Certificate of Achievement will be awarded at the end of the course.
  • Progression:  This is an elementary level course which will bring students through to level 2 of the Direct English programme, which is equivalent to A1 of the Common European Framework. 


This Level is both transactional and interactional. The transactional phase involves obtaining goods or services; such as checking into a hotel or ordering food in a restaurant, going on holiday, buying something in a store etc.

The interactional phase involves ‘small talk’ and social interaction.  Small talk consists of short exchanges that usually begin with a greeting, exchanges on non-controversial topics, such as the weekend, the weather, work, school, plans etc.

In short, you will learn the basic language and structure to be able to do things you need to do on a daily basis. How to introduce yourself, and talk about your work, for example. You will become more confident using numbers, and the verb to be. You will be able to talk about what you can and cannot do, what you like and dislike, dates, times and events. You will learn about food, and how to order in a restaurant. You will be introduced to the present continuous tense and how and when to use it in its most basic form. You will begin to use the past tense, and practice asking and answering questions.

This course is designed to include a combination of grammar instruction, conversation, listening practice, and workbook and writing practice too. There will also be some social/cultural activities where you will get to put the language into play, and learn about the Irish culture to boot.



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