• Programme Duration:    7 week (Tailor-made )
  • Tuition Duration:            15 hours per week
  • Maximum Class Size:     ( Average of 10 students per class (max of14)
  • Course Start Dates:        (flexible)
  • Entry: Anyone can join this programme, provided they are over the age of 18. There are no academic requirements, but an intermediate knowledge of the language is advisable.
  • Certification: A Direct English Certificate of Achievement will be awarded at the end of the course.
  • Progression:  This is a course which will bring students through to level 5 of the Direct English programme, which is equivalent to B2 on the Common European Framework. 

At this level you will build on the basic language and structure that you learned in level 3.

Through listening and conversation you will explore the world of the rich and famous and talk about the difficulties of moving house and living with roommates. You will focus on prepositions and how to use them correctly and explore stative and dynamic verbs and their differences. You will read and write letters to and from friends. You will discuss teenagers, and talk about birthday parties. You will learn in which circumstances we use the infinitive or the base form of the verbs, and expand your vocabulary on pastimes, sport and leisure.  We will focus on the present continuous in all its uses, and converse about entertainment and the Arts.

This course is designed to include a combination of grammar instruction, conversation, listening practice, and workbook and writing practice too. All the while you will use the language that is used by native speakers of the language. There will also be some social/cultural activities where you will get to put the language into play, and learn about the Irish culture to boot.

For further information contact 021 2411 131 or email