Placement Test 2

Choose the correct answer and fill in the square next to it. Fill in only one square for each question.
The example shows you what to do.


The best ______ is to call her, ‘my friend said.

2. Mrs Penfield telephoned early last Saturday while I _____ bed.


3. Jim was _______ he forgot his books.


4. Is her _______ than mine?


5. Phone me when you get ______.


6. The baby is crying! Will you ______ while I prepare his milk?


7. Please choose the correct sentence


8. We went out to dinner before _______
to the cinema.


9. We are late! By the time we arrive, the film _____.


10. Would you like some more coffee? There’s still ______ left.


11. He didn’t mind _____ late because he enjoyed it.


12. He asked me _____ stay.


13. That’s the hotel ______ last year.


14. She broke a _____ while she was
washing up.


15. I’m going to the hairdresser’s ______.


16. To travel from England to Scotland you
____ a passport.


17. I ____ home at half past six.


18. I _______ meet her every day.


19. Tell _____ back tomorrow.


20. Don’t forget that we ______ to the cinema tonight?


21. Please choose the correct sentence


22. He couldn’t help _____ that his wife was worried.


23. Your parents are _____ to ring the
police if they don’t know where you are.


24. She _____ the cups and some of them broke.


25. He got a job in a furniture ____.


26. Your Full Name:

27. Student ID:

28. When are you starting your course (dd/mm/year)

29. Are you taking morning or afternoon classes?