Placement Test 3

Choose the correct answer and fill in the square next to it. Fill in only one square for each question.
The example shows you what to do.

1. I was surprised my wife was out. ‘She_____ shopping ‘ I thought.


2. ‘_____ you give me a room for the night?’ I asked, on arriving at a hotel.


3. Before _____ hope, let’s try this one.


4. ‘I wonder why they’re late.’ ‘They ____ the train.’


5. Her opinion is the same _____ her mother’s.


6. ______ I need is a drink.


7. ‘I missed the train home last night.’ ‘So _______.’


8. He broke the world ____ for the 100 metres.


9. There are a lot of mistakes in this exercise. I’ll have to ____ it again with you.


10. He ____ doesn’t believe it even though we’ve shown him the evidence.


11. I was so tired that I would have slept ____.


12. Every old house has ___ strange stories.


13. Don’t be ________ by his tattoos. He’s very friendly.


14. You ______ take an umbrella with you to Spain in the summer. It never rains.


15. I met him _____ the stairs as I was coming up.


16. _____ a pity I didn’t see you.


17. He was _____ tired to go on.



He _____ live in the country than in the city.

19. That’s the dog ____.


20. I work ______ I can.



The petrol tank’s empty. I ___________ it up before we left home.

22. If only I ____ about it before we left!



I don’t want to go into the sea. I’d rather just lie on the _____.


I’m ____ I didn’t pass the examination but I’ll do better next time.


If they had waited for Karl, they

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