• The method of communication with the school is by email info@directenglishireland.ie or in person in the office.  Alternatively, communication can be accepted by calls, text messages (e.g); however, all arrangements regarding courses or accommodation must be confirmed by email.
  • General English classes start every Monday.
  • All students must fill in the application form available online on directenglishireland.ie or in the office. Full T&Cs are available on the school website. It is the student’s responsibility to get familiar with and agree with the T&Cs when enrolling on the course.
  • In order to book a place, the student has to pay a deposit of €200. The rest of the fees should be paid 8 weeks before the course starts. Full T&Cs available.
  • Students aren´t allowed to replace the school Governmental Health Insurance with their own one. Students will receive the Insurance Policy starting from the first day of their arrival in Ireland.
  • All students are requested to do an online placement test to speed up the registration process and allow the school to assess their current level.
  • All prospective EEA / non EEA students are required to submit a completed application form including relevant documents and payment via online, post or in person.
  • Each student will be required to sit a placement test to identify applicant’s language level, and an interview will be conducted with the Director of Studies or lead teacher, upon arrival, to gauge the level of spoken English and comprehension.
  • Note: No minimum level of English or educational qualification is required. Students must be aged 18 or over

Payments can be made via bank transfer to:

Account Title:  Direct English

Bank:   AIB Bank

Account Number: 54551286

Sort Code: 93-41-43

IBAN: IE29AIBK93414354551286


  • Under new legislation in Ireland all visa requiring students advance funds will be held in a segregated account (Escrow) until your visa is approved and a copy sent to PaytoStudy. The most effective method of payment is through TransferMate. By using TransferMate no bank charges will be added to your transfers and you are able to pay in your home currency, so there is no need to buy Euro from your bank prior to transferring. All payments can be tracked by you the student 24 hours a day online. Therefore, you will not need to contact the school to confirm whether or not we have received payment. All visa authorities now accept TransferMate as means of payment of tuition fees. You will need to add the confirmation of payment receipt to your visa application. Using the TransferMate payment method is quick and simple. You can start your payment by clicking TransferMate. Please note there is a €10.00 ISPS fee for all Euro to Euro transactions.

It is mandatory that all students attend course induction on the first morning of a new course.

Students are assigned a class group, based on the results of their placement test and interview. They are given an induction pack and course books where applicable. Having gone through the guidelines, they are introduced to the teachers and administration staff and taken on a tour of the school.

  • Long-term students are required to register for and sit an end-of-course exam before completing their course according to the Irish Department of Justice and Immigration legislation. Direct English will co-ordinate the registration between the student and the awarding body. Registration can only be processed by the school once the students has provided all the necessary documentation. The onus of responsibility in providing all the required documents is on the student. The cost of registration is payable by the student within the first week after enrolling on the course.
  • Direct English is not responsible for any exam losses due to postage mishaps etc. The school will do its utmost to ensure the exams arrive at their location on time and in perfect condition; however, Direct English is not liable once the exams are handed over to the postal/third party service.
  • In the case of the exam failure, student’s absence or non-attendance, the school will not be responsible and will not provide any extra tuition, or reorganise date of exam(s). If students miss the exam because of unscheduled leave or sick leave , the school cannot guarantee the awarding body will permit the student to reschedule the exam.
  • Student will be registered with an awarding organisation within an agreed tuition period, and are expected to prepare and complete the scheduled assessments as per the course syllabus and timetable.
  • Failure to adhere to these terms and conditions may result in disciplinary action.
  • The school is not responsible for any delay/cancellation or deregistration of a student by the external examining body.
  • Direct English is required to make the exam results available on request to INIS and other statutory authorities, subject to the provision of relevant data protection requirements.
  • Direct English has an obligation to its students to register them with the appropriate awarding body and to enroll students for examinations at the end of the course.
  • All academic year students are required to sit for the test associated with their Programme (Cambridge, IELTS,TIE.) This is arranged by the school, but the course fees do not include examinations.  These fees are to be paid separately.
  • Short term students may request the school to arrange an external exam (Cambridge, IELTS, TIE) an additional fee will be charged.
  • The student and school management enter an agreement upon enrolment to a Programme that the student will be registered on. The agreement states that the student agrees to sit all exams of the program he/she has enrolled for. The signing of the registration and examination obligation form by both parties is mandatory.
  • The school registers all students with the awarding body, includes registration for the exams and assessments.
  • Direct English are required to make the exam results available on request to INIS and other statutory authorities, subject to the provision of relevant data protection requirements.
  • Arrangements for enrolling the student in the relevant exam, ensuring the student can provide the required documentation for presentation at the exam center, and providing help and guidance throughout the exam process, will be the responsibility of the school administration.
  • Only once the external verification process is complete will the results be inputted into the students’ examination results database.
  • Students will receive their results at the end of the academic year in a report of results– posted to their address.
  • The Direct English internal grading system is used to calculate levels of performance within prescribed benchmarks. This
  • system is used to measure factors such as class participation, progress tests, project work and class presentations.
  • All records are maintained for a period of 6 years and are available on request to students, INIS and relevant internal personnel with Data Protection are adhered too.
  • Deferrals can only be approved if the fees are paid in full and can only be deferred within one academic year, subject to availability and price increase. Should a student defer and subsequently not take up their place on the course, fees are non-refundable, nontransferable, Once the course commences fees are non-refundable.
  • In case a student wishes to join a class after the course has started, he/she is not entitled to extra classes in lieu of time passed.
  • In the case of an appeal against the Department of Justice, a student may attend classes and the first 21 days will be free of charge.  Thereafter a pro-rota charge will be made for tuition, exam fees, etc. which will be collected from the total tuition fee paid by the student.
  • In the case of an appeal refusal, the pro rota monthly tuition fees, as well as other costs already alluded to, will be taken from the total tuition fee paid by student.
  • A student/applicant joining the school from any other institution within the ROI must provide an exit letter from the previous school with an up-to-date attendance record to the immigration authorities. The student will be deemed responsible for any fraudulent/misleading information. In this case, the school can terminate the student’s application immediately and no tuition and related fees will be refunded.
  • Prospective international students (non-EEA) choosing Direct English as their college of study in Ireland should pay the tuition fees to ‘Pay to Study’ directly or to the school. If a non-EEA student has their visa application refused, ‘Pay to Study’ or the School will refund the fees to the student (less the administration fee of €200). International students (non-EEA) who have their visa/visa appeal rejected can apply for a refund directly to Direct English. They are required to email their request to info@directenglishireland.ie with the following documents: an original refusal letter, completed refund application form and a personal statement for refund including name, signature, payee name and bank account details.
  • Administration fees are a financial charge paid by the student for the administration process in regards with the application and correspondence with the relevant authorities regarding the student visa application process.
  • Students who have purchased medical insurance through Direct English, will be refunded within the first 4 weeks of course commencement, after 4 weeks no refund will be issued.
  • The course fees are non-refundable, nontransferable, non-movable, once the course has commenced; the deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. Course fees are non- refundable except  the case of a visa refusal, in which case the fees will be refunded less the administration fees of €200 (in case of a long-term courses) and the medical insurance fee of €100 will also be refunded (subject to medical insurance time limit).
  • No refund of fees will be given once a student visa has been granted to the student and revoked later for any reason by the authorities.
  • In case of a cancellation of a short-term course, a fee of €100 will apply.

Refunds will be granted on the following grounds:

  • Visa Refusal
  • Withdrawal from Course (prior to course commencement) /Visa withdrawal
  • Cancellation – Term & conditions apply see below
  • Refunds
  • Withdrawal from Course – prior to course commencement


An application being withdrawn by the applicant due to change of mind will incur a minimum charge, as follows:

  • Cancellations made 29 days prior to the commencement of the course will be refunded in full; however, an administration fee of €200 will be deducted.
  • Cancellations 15-28 days prior to the course start date will incur a 50% charge of the course fee.
  • Cancellations 1-14 days prior to the course start date of course starting will incur a 100% charge of the course fee.
  • The course fees are non-refundable once a course has commenced and the deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Where fees have been paid through ‘TransferMate’ the same conditions of refund apply, as stated above.
  • In all cases students are required to complete a Fees Refund form.
  • All bank charges during incoming/outgoing payments will be paid by the student. The school will not be responsible for bank deduction / charges.
  • Refund fees will only be processed for students by bank transfer within 20 days of receiving all relevant documents and terms and conditions being met.
  • No refund of fees will be granted once a student visa has been granted to the student or where the student visa has been revoked by the relevant authorities after it has been granted.

Course materials are free unless stated. A deposit of €30 is required from the student for all class books used; it is refunded at the end of the course once the book is returned in a good condition.

  • Attendance is recorded daily by the teachers and monitored by the QA Officer and Centre Manager. Attendance is particularly important on the Academic Year program.
  • All international students are required, by law and Direct English, to attend a minimum of 85% of school lectures.
  • Students are required to attend a minimum of 15 hours a week, as per their scheduled timetable for the duration of the course.
  • Written warnings will be issued to students for non-compliance and these will be placed in their student file.
  • Students who are absent from the college are required to contact the college administrator either by email info@directenglishireland.ie or phone 021 2411131 by 09:00am.

Punctuality is very important. Being late can result in an absent mark on attendance records. Failure to meet the 85% attendance rate within a four week period will result in the student being issued with a verbal warning. Continuation of poor attendance rates can result in being expelled.

  • Tutors are responsible for checking attendance at the beginning of class and hourly thereafter.
  • No student is permitted to access the attendance sheets at any time.
  • Students are required to be punctual for all classes, late attendance is unacceptable.
  • Students are required to be in class 5 minutes before the commencement of classes.
  • Students arriving 15 minutes after the commencement of class are allowed to enter. However they will be marked late.
  • Students arriving to class more than 15 minutes late, are permitted to enter the class, but will be marked absent for that hour, which could lead to a warning.
  • Students leaving 15 minutes prior to the end of class will be marked absent for one hour.
  • All students are required to sign in/sign out their arrival/departure on the class attendance book daily. Class tutors are required to sign off the student attendance book at the end of each class.

*These attendance measures are being enacted by the school to fulfill the attendance criteria of INIS.

Due to unforeseen circumstances students may fall ill during the academic term which can negatively affect their attendance rates. However, students can apply to the college for sick leave. Students are not permitted to take holidays/breaks during the scheduled college term. Student holidays and breaks comply with the Department of Justice and Equality requirements at Direct English. An unscheduled break will only be permitted by the college in exceptional cases of illness.

  • The student notifies the college administrator of their absence on the first day via email info@directenglishireland.ie or phone 021 2411131 by 09:00am.
  • If the student is sick for more than one day, they are required to keep the college informed on a daily basis. For sick leave exceeding two days a medical certificate will be required by a doctor for the duration.
  • If sick leave is greater than a two day period, students are required to email a copy of the medical certificate to Direct English. Once the medical certificate is received the student will be notified via email/text. The student does not need to contact the college administrator thereafter.
  • If the student’s illness period is extended greater than the dates he/she is certified for then he/she will need to contact the college and submit a current and valid medical certificate. All details of correspondence and medical certificates are documented in the student file.
  • In case of any accident occurring inside and outside the school premises, the school will not be responsible for nay costs involved. Students should familiarize themselves with the entitlements of their medical insurance.
  • Any dealings with the insurance company/third party are the responsibility of the student.
  • All students are required to have private medical insurance, either personally or through a group scheme at the time of registration to INIS/GNIB.
  • Direct English offers a number of approved medical insurance policies which can be purchased directly through Direct English.
  • Under EU/EEA regulations, students from other member states who are attending a course of study are entitled to free hospital services provided they have Form E.109 with them. In order to be eligible you will be required to provide the Irish health authorities with documentation from your home country that validates your entitlement.
  • Students from non-EU countries are not covered for any free medical attention off-campus and must therefore have their own private insurance.
  • Please note that heavy levies are charged for all hospitalization and it is advised to make provision for adequate medical insurance.
  • Non-EU students are required to show proof of comprehensive medical insurance cert when registering with the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB). Proof of health insurance is also required when applying for a student visa.
  • A close family bereavement is defined as the death of a Parent/Sibling/Spouse/Child.
  • The student notifies the school administration of his/her absence via email info@directenglishireland.ie
  • Students are allocated a period of one week for compassionate leave. All students on return to classes are required to provide proof to the school administration.
  • All students travelling home need to provide the travel documentation to the school administration prior to leaving. This can be emailed to info@directenglishireland.ie. All correspondence and documentation are filed in student’s file.

Non-attendance / Un-notified attendance:

  • Non-attendance for an invalid reason or un-notified attendance is not acceptable.
  • 1or 2 days absence needs to be explained in writing in the form of a note to the College Administration upon return.
  • 5 days of un-notified absence (5%) will result in a verbal warning.
  • 10 days of un-notified absence (10%) will result in the first written warning.
  • 15 days of un-notified absence (15%) will result in the second written warning.
  • 20 days of un-notified absence (20%) will result in notification of expulsion due to unsatisfactory attendance.
  • As per the ILEP (INIS) ‘Where a student has 25% or more uncertified absence in the first 6 weeks of the Programme, this will be communicated with GNIB and INIS’.
  • Students who are absent due to an agreed unscheduled break with college management will not be expelled as long as the unscheduled break conditions are met.
  • Students who have not attended any classes for a 4 week period will be expelled immediately, in writing.
  • Students have the right to appeal against the warning/decision which is provided by the school administration within 7 days of receipt.
  • There is no mechanism permitted whereby students can make up an uncertified absence(s) through additional classes either during or at the end of the Programme.
  • There are no holidays or breaks outside the published calendar for students.
  • Student holidays and breaks comply with the Department of Justice and Equality requirements.
  • No classes will be conducted on public holidays.
  • Cancellations of the course greater than 29 days will be refunded in full; however, an administration fee of €200 will be deducted as per the Refund Policy; 50% of the course fees will be refunded if the cancellation takes place 15-28 days before the course start date; 100% of the course fees will be charged in case of cancellation within 1-14 days prior to the course start date.
  • No information will be provided by Direct English to any third party in the event of fee refund unless the full procedure has been followed. A grievance form is available in the school and the grievance procedure is available at the reception.
  • In all cases students are required to fill in a Fees Refund form available on the school website. All bank charges during incoming/outcoming payments will be paid by the student. The school will not be responsible for bank deduction/charges.
  • Refunds of fees will only be given to students by bank transfer within 20 days after receiving all the documents necessary for the refund and T&Cs being met.
  • January 1st (New Year Day)
  • March 17th (St. Patrick’s Day)
  • Easter Monday
  • First Monday in May
  • First Monday in June
  • First Monday in August
  • Last Monday in October
  • December 25th & 26th
  • December 31st

Accommodation type: self-catering apartment (single or double)

  • Students will be provided accommodation for 1 month as part of their package (together with 25 weeks tuition).
  • Calendar month means 28 days (February or any other month. (Few days break are required for maintenance and cleaning)
  • 4 week minimum and maximum stay is required.
  • Collection from Cork airport to the apartment is included in the package price. In case the airport collection is not available from cork airport, the student can order a taxi; the cost of which will be reimbursed to the max. value of €20, a receipt id required.
  • The students cannot make any changes to the packages & the courses offered.
  • Accommodation is not the school’s responsibility. Direct English will not bear any responsibility for third party services, e.g. bus service, taxi service, accommodation, tour operator, delay, poor service.
  • In case of poor service or inappropriate accommodation received by student or ill-treatment by landlord /Service provider or individual the Direct English will not be held responsible for any of their actions, behaviour or conflict.  Direct English will endeavour to resolve the matter smoothly and quickly, but cannot be held responsible.
  • Accommodation must be paid in full in advance.
  • Tuition, medical insurance and related must be paid in full before you move to the apartment.
  • A security deposit of €200 is required at the time of collection of keys.


Please ensure the following before vacating the accommodation:

  • Have the fridge/cupboards cleared of all food and all rubbish removed to the bins provided outside.
  • That your bedroom, bathroom, living area, kitchen have been cleaned before inspection.
  • Apartment should be returned in the similar condition as it was received.
  • Accommodation officer will inspect the condition of the apartment every week and before you check out and return the keys. The apartment must be vacated in good condition. Any damage done must be paid by the student.
  • Check-outs are between 9.00am -12.00pm Mon-Sat.
  • Keys will be available for collection Mon-Fri (9.00 – 6.30pm). On Saturday & Sunday the office is closed.
  • If individual keys are lost, a mandatory fee of €150 will be charged from the person – separately.
  • If you booked a package (25 week tuition + 4 week accommodation) and want to cancel the booking later, the following rules will apply: Cancellations requested more than 3 months before the original start date: free of charge; less than 90 days: €200 fee applies; less than 60 days: €250 fee; less than 30 days: €300 fee applies; less than 14 days: no refund will be given.
  • Changes after booking packages/courses. If you want to change the date of your course or stay, you can do it; subject to accommodation availability, T&Cs apply. Changes requested more than 3 months before the original start date: free of charge, less than 90 days: €100, less than 60 days: €200, less than 30 days: €300. No change is possible within 1-28 days prior to the start date. In case the student arrives 1 or 2 days later, they lose the days of accommodation as per the initial booking. No extra days will be given.
  • End-of-course exam fee included (TIE) .If the student wants to take the IELTS or Cambridge exam instead, the additional/balancing exam fee of €100 will be charged on arrival at school.
  • Changes from morning to afternoon: €100 fee will apply. Changes from afternoon to morning: €400 fee will apply. Subject to availability – T&Cs apply.
  • For full version of T&Cs and Policies which apply please visit the college website.
  • School will be open all year, except for holidays. Christmas break is from 19/12/2020 to 04/01/2021.
  • If a student arrives at Dublin airport, the bus charge from Dublin to Cork will be reimbursed to the student at school after submitting the original bus ticket.
  • Time keeping is the responsibility of the student. The School reserves the right to remove students from class for non-attendance or if the student continuously arrives late.
  • The school also holds the right to remove a student who is being difficult, unruly, or abusive to the staff or students.
  • Students are responsible for their actions during school trips and tours. The students will be bound by Direct English’s Disciplinary procedures and/or Irish law if he/she acts inappropriately.
  • Should any legal proceedings be taken against Direct English by the third party or student/applicant, Direct English will require its legal costs be paid by the third party or student/applicant, where Direct English is not found negligible.
  • Due to visa regulations, non-EU students must participate in full-time courses only, and must attend school at least 15 hours per week, and attendance must be at least 85% at all times.
  • Direct English will not be responsible for any of their agent’s false (verbal) promises and services.
  • Once a student has received their letter of enrolment from Direct English and has successfully obtained their student visa, students are not eligible for a refund.
  • Where a visa is required to be renewed during a Direct English programme of study, it is the responsibility of the students to confirm with the relevant authorities that the renewal application will be approved.
  • The information given on this form is true, complete and accurate and no relevant information has been omitted.
  • To have full responsibility tokeep informed of any changes in government and immigration policies and regulations regarding holidays, visas, labour laws, and all other student-related matters. It is not the duty of the school to inform students of changes, unless it impacts on their day-to-day learning.
  • To comply with all regulations, term and conditions of Direct English, with all T&Cs stated in the Direct English Student Handbook and the application form.
  • That Direct English reserves the right to change any of the details and/or validation bodies given in any of its course brochures, and/or website and that the availability of the course is dependent on student demand.
  • That course fees are non-refundable except in the case of a visa refusal on appeal, in which case the fees will be refunded less an administration fee of €200 and the medical insurance fee €100.
  • That this application or any subsequent school place offered may be withdrawn by Direct English if the information provided proves to be inaccurate, either intentionally or unintentionally.
  • To the T&Cs of enrolment as a student with Direct English, and to confirm that the reason for enrolment on this course is to learn and be assessed, with the goal of gaining a recognised qualification, and is only related to educational advantages.
  • To medical insurance cover being organised by Direct English.
  • That due to visa regulations, non-EU students must participate in full-time courses only, and must attend school at least 15 hours per week, and that attendance must be at least 85% at all times.
  • To being registered with an awarding organisation during the course and be expected to prepare and complete the scheduled assessments as per the course syllabus and timetable. Failure to adhere to these T &Cs may result in disciplinary action and potential exclusion from the school which may terminate the student’s visa status.
  • That all the documents provided to Direct English are legal and take full responsibility for said documents.  Direct English is in no way responsible for documents which may at a later stage be found to be incorrect.
  • Direct English is not responsible for accommodation organised for the student/applicant.  The contract of accommodation is between the applicant/student and the landlord.  The applicant/student is responsible for his/her actions within the accommodation and is responsible for any damages/expenses of the accommodation.
  • The student/applicant may be required to pay for school trips/tours organised during their term of study at Direct English. These expenses are not included in the student/applicants school fee
  • To pay a deposit fee of €200 on completion of this application form once a place on a course is offered. This fee is deductible from the overall course fee once all the documents required for registration at Direct English have been provided and are further completed by the student.

Complaint:A statement that something is unsatisfactory or unacceptable.
Grievance:An official statement of a complaint over something believed to be wrong or unfair.

Complaints Process:

  • Submit the complaint verbally to the Administrator /Director of Studies (DOS).
  • The complaint will be documented and submitted to the relevant personnel & director. The complaint will be dealt with and the complainant will be contacted within one week of the complaint being made with a resolution (if at all possible).

Grievance Process:

  • If the complainant is not satisfied with the resolution of step 1 or deems the complaint to be of a more serious nature, he/she can put the complaint in writing by completing the Student Grievance Form and submitting it to the DOS (Director of Studies).
  • The complainant will receive a response from the DOS (Director of Studies) within one week of the ‘Formal Grievance’ (written complaint) being submitted to acknowledge receipt of the grievance.
  • The maximum duration for issue of a resolution to the student is 21 days.

Direct English welcomes your comments and suggestions regarding any issue to improve our service or area of non-satisfaction, which can be brought to the attention of the Administrator or DOS by email info@directenglishireland.ie

In case of emergency please contact Direct English at 086-359 6805 (Anna Machura), 085-7219897 (Asif Muhammad) / 089-2250738 (Afreen Baig)

Please note this number is for emergency use only and it is available 24hours, 7 days a week. Please note emergency does not include: Queries about the city locations, course, school, attendance, visas holidays – These can be discussed during working hours

Timetable / Academic Details


By signing this form you give Direct English your consent to use your testimonials, feedback, evaluations and images as part of educational activities for use in school media, print and social. As per GDPR, 2018, we will not share your personal information with any third party, unless we are obliged by law.

1. Our Commitment:

Direct English is committed to the protection of all personal and sensitive data which it holds and the handling of such data.

All staff and students have been informed of the new and updated GDPR (25th May 2018). Changes to data protection legislation implemented in the school’s policy shall be monitored in order to remain compliant with all legal requirements.

All data within the school’s control shall be identified as personal, sensitive, or both to ensure that it is handled in compliance with legal requirements, and access to it does not breach the rights of the individuals to whom it relates.

2. What information do we collect from you and how do we collect it?

We will only collect personal information from and about you which is necessary to provide educational services to you or contact you for direct marketing purposes.

A lot of our initial contact withstudents will be either:

  • Face-to-face (walk-ins)
  • Online application through our website
  • Phone Calls, letters, post, email and related correspondence
  • Through agents, partner schools and organisations electronically.

We shall be transparent about the processing of data and communicate these intentions via notification to staff and students.  All students are required to sign an application form with clearly stated Terms & Conditions which include information on personal data processing within the school according to the school’s policy and legal requirements. Enrolment of students under the age of 18 is possible only following their parents’ written consent (T&Cs), e.g. their signature on the application form.

Staff responsible for data protection are in the Management, Marketing, and Administration departments. However, all staff must treat all student information in a confidential manner and follow the guidelines as set out in this document. The school is also committed to ensuring that its staff are aware of data protection policies, legal requirements and adequate training is provided to them. The requirements of this policy are mandatory for all staff employed by the school and any third party contracted to provide services within the school.

3. How do we use data collected for employment purposes?

The school realises it is unlawful to publish or display an advertisement that shows an intention to discriminate; this includes social media, internet, leaflets, or any kind of advertisements. All jobs posted are in accordance with awarding body requirements and government legislation: https://www.djei.ie/en/

When a person applies for a position within our school, be it in the academic or administrative departments, we request an up-to-date CV, and a copy of any and all college transcripts and relevant qualifications. Contracts of employment are sent to the successful candidate by email. Appointees are required to accept their offer online prior to commencement and they must read and agree to the company policies before accepting the offer, which includes the updated GDPR policy, 2018. Candidate information will be screened only by those directly involved in the decision making process. Only the management team will view a potential candidate’s personal information.

4. Images/Photographs/ Videos:

Images of staff and pupils may be captured at appropriate times and as part of educational activities for use in school media only. Unless prior consent from students/parents/staff has been given, the school shall not utilise such images for publication or communication to external sources. It is the school’s policy that external parties may not capture images of staff or students without prior consent.

5. How do we store such information?

All electronic copies of CVs (which include name, address, email and phone numbers, Bank details, and PPS numbers) are stored in the HR folder on the DOS personal computer which is password protected. They are also stored in hard copy in the HR filing cabinet, which is kept locked at all times.

6. How long do we keep records of your data?

We will keep your data only for as long as necessary for the purpose for which it was collected and to provide you with services, to conduct legitimate business interests or where otherwise required by law.

7. Who has access to your data?

Data will only be shared with external parties in circumstances where it is a legal requirement to provide such information. Any proposed change to the processing of individual’s data shall first be notified to them.

8. What rights do you have pertaining to the information we store about you?

You have the right to ask to access your personal files, be they electronic or otherwise.

Any individual, whose data is held by us, has a legal right to request access to such data. Personal data about students will not be disclosed to third parties without their consent unless it is obliged by law, for example if the request is made by:

  • Other schools
  • Examination authorities
  • Health authorities
  • Police and courts
  • Social workers and support agencies
  • Educational divisions.
  • Where any personal data is no longer required for its original purpose, an individual can request that the personal data is deleted by the school.

9. How do we prevent the loss or misuse of your information?

Hard copy data, records and personal information are stored out of sight and in a locked cabinet. Sensitive or personal information and data should not be removed from the school site; however, some staff may need to transport data between the school and their home to access it for work.

The following guidelines are in place for staff in order to reduce the risk of personal data being compromised:

  • Paper copies of data or personal information should not be taken off the school site. The information should not be on view in public places, or left unattended under any circumstances.
  • Unwanted paper copies of data, sensitive information or student files should be shredded.
  • Printouts of any personal or sensitive information are not left in printer trays or photocopiers.
  • If information is being viewed on a PC, staff must ensure that the window and documents are properly shut down before leaving the computer unattended.
  • Transporting data away from the school, it should be done on a USB stick.
  • These guidelines are clearly communicated to all school staff, and any person who is found to be intentionally breaching this conduct will be disciplined in line with the seriousness of their misconduct.
  • Regular back up of computer systems
  • Soft copy information is stored in a cabinet which is locked with a key at all times.

10. How do we dispose of data?

The school recognises that the secure disposal of redundant data is an integral element to compliance with legal requirements and an area of increased risk. All data held in any form of media (paper, tape, electronic) shall be properly destroyed meeting recognized national standards, e.g. shredding paper documents or disposing IT assets as required.