There is so much to see and do in Ireland, so why not make the most of your holiday and improve your English language skills while at the same time getting to know some of the wonderful sites and places of interest that can be found close-by.

We offer General English classes for adults at eight different levels, from beginner to advanced, during the summer months (July and August). The classes are designed with an emphasis on getting you to communicate effectively in the language. We at Direct English know that the most important part of any language is to understand, and be understood, and while there will be lessons in grammar, speaking (& listening) is the key!

In addition to classes, you will be spending time out there in the real world, mixing and talking with people in English, putting your language skills to work outside of the classroom. You will have the opportunity to perfect your horse-riding skills, or take it up as a new hobby. You will visit castles, and gaols, and museums. You may order a drink in a real Irish pub while listening to traditional musicians play the wonderful, haunting music that is synonymous with this island.  You will see the sites and landscapes that you have only before seen in books or on television. You could visit famous towns like Kinsale, Blarney, and Midleton, and feel the freshness of the air along the coast. You may even get to visit our capital city – Dublin – steeped in history and culture – and, of course, great shopping! You will get to sample some of our award-winning local cuisine, of which we have become so proud. There is so much to do, in fact, you will not be bored.