Teacher Refresher Course


The Teacher Refresher Course is ideal for teachers who wish to refresh their English language skills while at the same time explore new methodologies and different approaches to teaching a language. The course consists of various modules such as:

  • methodology,
  • language analysis,
  • advanced language awareness,
  • teaching of receptive and productive skills,
  • developing reading, listening, writing, speaking and vocabulary skills and strategies,
  • assessment and error correction,
  • lesson planning and delivery,
  • task-based learning and other approaches.

Besides, you can expect a substantial number of practical classroom activities with authentic material. During engaging and communicative sessions teachers will receive lots of practical ideas and activities to use with their own students. You will get the chance to take part in teaching observation sessions followed by feedback, to network with fellow language teaching professionals and inspire yourself. Apart from classes on Irish history, culture, the Irish educational system, a full social and activity programme is also part of this intensive and dynamic course. If you wish to improve your professional skills and English language competence, this course is perfect for you.


During the course you will:

*Gain practical and innovative ideas for teaching the English language

*Experience language-teaching methods through classroom interaction in English

* Utilise practical classroom ideas and solutions suitable to your own teaching context

* Gain a fuller understanding of second language acquisition methodologies

* Share ideas and resources for English teaching with an international community of teachers

* Reflect on current teaching practice and professionalism in language teaching

* Build your knowledge of Irish culture

* Enhance your own English language skills by learning with like-minded professionals


Provided by Direct English

Course name                      Teacher Refresher Course

Entry level                          B1/B2

Course duration                2 weeks

Total input                         42 hours + extra activities

 Timetable (sample)



Approaches to teaching & learning

Teaching speakingThe lexical methodTeaching listeningTask-based teaching
10.00-11.00Advanced language awareness: Tense systemSpeaking activitiesIdioms & collocationsFocus on pronunciationPractical ideas for teaching writing
11.00-11.30Coffee breakCoffee breakCoffee breakCoffee breakCoffee break
11:30-13.30Strategies for teaching reading

Materials workshop:

role plays; special projects and activities

Vocabulary building exercises for studentsSongs and games in the classroomCreating grammar tasks from children’s stories
13.30-14.30Lunch breakLunch breakLunch breakLunch breakLunch break
14.30-15.30Practical classroom activities: Bringing Irish culture to the classroom

Differentiation for learners with different needs and abilities – multisensory teaching


Technology in the classroom

Classroom management- discipline,

mixed-level teaching;

Teacher development:

·assessing personal strengths and weaknesses