Teaching Methodologies

Course details

This 2 week course is specifically developed with the needs of secondary, vocational and adult English language teachers and other language teachers in mind.

Provided by Direct English
Entry level Intermediate (B1)
Course duration 2 weeks
Total input 40 hours + extra activities
Maximum Class Size: 12
Course Start Dates: (Flexible) –  ( Full time or Part time Options)


During this course you will be introduced and given the opportunity to practise and review a number of techniques and methods that will help enliven your language classes, allowing you to create a dynamic and stimulating learning environment. You will tackle areas such as learning styles, pronunciation, creating your own materials using online software and more. It is a review of modern teaching methodologies; communicative approach; the lexical approach; blended learning; audio-lingual and task based learning.

Some sessions include a focus on integrating technology into your teaching and lessons. During the activities and group discussions, you will have the opportunity to further explore, review and develop your teaching skills. You will also be encouraged to reflect on the activities and develop your own Personal Development Action Plan, identifying which tools, methods and activities you want to include in your own language lessons. This course is ideal for teachers who wish to refresh their skills and get a fresh look at various teaching approaches. After exploring communicative teaching methods, you will be able to prepare new engaging lesson plans – using all available resources – and equipped with new ideas you will motivate your students all the time in the classroom.


  • To enable a better understanding of language teaching and expand & build on previous knowledge, using a range of practical methodologies
  • To introduce new areas of teaching methodologies and accompanying techniques, using hands-on experimental methods
  • To help teachers reflect on their own teaching methods & contexts & develop teaching skills
  • To introduce an awareness of technology and ICT in the classroom today
  • To exchange pedagogical information & knowledge in a multi-cultural context
  • To further develop participants’ own language skills
9:00-10:30 Engaging the Learner: What motivates today’s students?

Task-based learning

The Chemistry of words – Collocation Tell me a Story! Using stories in the classroom Using videos and DVDs; you tube, video clips & learning Grammar practice activities
10:30-11.30 Get them talking! Encouraging your students to speak The Dictation Revival Using computers – exploiting the Internet Co-operative learning Setting up online activities
11.30 -12:00 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
12.00- 13.30 Learner styles & multiple intelligences Songs & music & their learning potential Using concordances & dictionaries for vocabulary Testing & assessment Self- reflection & evaluation
13.30-14.30 Lunch break Lunch break Lunch break Lunch break Lunch break
14.30-15.30 Tour of Cork City Free afternoon Free afternoon Shandon Bells Free afternoon
9:00 – 10.00 Warmers, fillers and coolers Learning vocabulary Making pronunciation fun Dealing with learner errors Teaching language through project work
10:00-11.00 Drama, role play & simulations Using humour for language learning How we really speak Classroom management Course feedback & evaluation
11:00-11.30 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
11:30 -13.30 Colloquial English and Idiomatic Language Writing strategies Language development: Speaking activity Designing crosswords & quizzes Graduation ceremony
13.30-14.30 Lunch break Lunch break Lunch break Lunch break Lunch break
14.30-15.30 Personal  Development Action Plan Free afternoon Free afternoon Test Free afternoon

Saturday – It’s possible to organize a full day trip e.g. to Killarney, Blarney or Cobh  –  only €35 per person.

For further information contact +353 21 2411 131 or email info@directenglishireland.ie