Choose the correct answer and fill in the square next to it. Fill in only one square for each question.
The example shows you what to do.

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1. Your Full Name:

2. Student ID:

3. When are you starting your course (dd/mm/year):

4. Are you taking morning or afternoon classes?


5. Mary speaks English, but__________.


6. Did you _______ the online test?


7. How ______ CDs do you have?



My house is _________ the supermarket and the petrol station

9. Please choose the correct sentence


10. ‘Whose house is this?’ ‘It’s ________.’



The Temperature in Malta never goes ____ zero.


My youngest daughter ______ late for school.

13. Have you ever been to Paris?



‘Shall I get anything for you at the shop?’ ‘Yes, ______ apples.’

15. _________ clever idea!


16. I would like Ice-cream for________


17. How are you?


18. I have _______ to do today.



Last Sunday _______ thousands of people on the beach.

20. Please choose the correct sentence


21. Pat’s a girl _________ long hair.


22. What time _______ dinner?


23. Her father will come at 8 o’clock


24. Nancy works in a shop and _________.


25. He got married ten years _______


26. What ________ on Sunday?


27. They told ______ next week.


28. Maria is married_____ Peter.



I passed my exams but it was a long time _____ my friends about it.