Do you want to study English language courses in one of the most beautiful, vibrant and friendliest cities in Ireland? Then, welcome to Direct English Ireland, situated in the heart of Cork City in the South West of Ireland. At Direct English Ireland, you will receive high quality English language classes from highly qualified native English teachers. From day one you will be placed in a class suitable to your level and will gain confidence with the English language. We offer English language classes at nine different levels, from beginners to advanced, combined with social activities/cultural outings which aim to improve your English language skills while at the same time allowing you to experience what this wonderful country and city has to offer.

We are the first branch of Direct English in Ireland. Direct English is one of the leading franchises in the ELT industry, Direct English is in operation in more than 25 countries worldwide. Our courses are approved by the Dept of Education & INIS for international students.


Direct English builds your confidence from day one and is the most effective language system for anyone wanting to learn English. With nine levels to choose from, Direct English offers more choice than any other English language training system. We’ll encourage you to speak English from your very first class. Not classroom English, but language for real life situations.
We will also help to facilitate your move to Ireland and ensure that it is a smooth and easy process. We offer assistance in course selection, VISA applications and administration, health insurance, transportation and accommodation. We are proud of the personal service we provide for each of our students and will be happy to help you as best as possible both before and during your stay in Ireland.


Learning is and should be fun! We really believe that here at Direct English. We provide the very best English Language tuition, but do so in such a way as the students have fun in the process. We are committed to developing all four language skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening), and also to introducing and promoting the cultural and historical heritage of the island of Ireland.


From day one, you’ll be learning and practising your English language skills through a unique combination of personal study, tutorials and conversation classes. Our course material covers everyday scenarios so you learn real English for the real world. Each level of your course covers a wide range of learner resources to keep you interested and motivated.

The course material for each level includes:

• An introductory manual
• A course book • A companion book
• A PC video disk
• 9 audio CDs
• A multimedia CD-ROM


Cork is Ireland’s second city after Dublin, and as the locals cheerfully say ‘the real capital’ of Ireland!

Cork is renowned for its culinary flair and vibrant cultural scene.  The city was the European Capital of Culture in 2005 and listed by the Lonely Planet Guide among the top ten cites for ‘Best in Travel in 2010’. A strong festival programme attracts the best of film, jazz, folk, literary and musical talent year round.  The city centre is built on an island by the River Lee, just upstream of Cork Harbour.  It is a student city which boasts many third level institutes including the renowned UCC, the Crawford College of Art & Design and the Cork School of Music, to name but a few. Steeped in history, Cork City is fast gaining a reputation as one of Europe’s hippest cities, and has just been voted the number one EU city for cultural venues and facilities.  New arrivals will feel instantly at home, in this vibrant and multi-cultural city.

As part of your course with Direct English, you will have the opportunity to visit many of the main cultural attractions. There are also many more places we are happy to recommend to you to visit in your free time if you simply want to relax and absorb the sights and sounds of the city.


Our School is situated in the heart of Cork City. Cork is a bustling and vibrant city. Cork people are known to be extremely friendly and welcome many visitors and students to their city every year. There are many places worth visiting while in Ireland. As part of your course with Direct English Ireland, you will have the opportunity to visit many of the main cultural attractions. Cork has a great variety of shops, restaurants, cafés and pubs which will give you a great sense of the traditions of the city.


Ireland is an island of 84,430 sq. km located on the Western European Seaboard. English is the most widely spoken language in Ireland. The population in Ireland is approximately 4.7 million people. Ireland has a mild climate. The weather is very changeable but it is never too cold. The average temperature in winter is 2-7°C and 18-24°C in summer. Ireland is a dynamic, lively, modern country renowned for its beautiful, unspoiled countryside and scenery.